Ranui on Hokianga

Hokianga is the area around the natural harbour and estuary, also known as the Hokianga River, or just 'the River' to the locals. There are seven rivers that flow into the harbour.

Hokianga is geographically divided into three major areas:

The South Hokianga which includes the settlements of: Waikara, Waipoua, Wekaweka, Waimamaku, Waiotemarama, Waiwhatawhata, Omapere, Opononi, Pakanae, Koutu, Whirinaki, Rawene, Waima, Taheke and Moehau.

The Top of the Harbour, which includes the settlements of: Horeke, Motukiore, Utakura and Mangamuka, Waihou Valley and Wairere.

The North Hokianga, which includes the settlements of: Broadwood, Pawarenga, Panguru, Mitimiti, Motukaraka, Motuti, Rangi Point and Kohukohu.

The larger settlements often comprise a General Store, a service station, one or two other shops and a hotel. The smaller settlements are made up of a group of dwellings clustered together. All of them have one or more churches, a school and one or more marae.

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