Warawara Forest

The forest covers an area of 12,376 acres of native bush with some very rugged hill country that has been saved because it is virtually inaccessible. In 1913 the Royal Commission recommended it should be set aside as a reserve.

It is one of the largest kauri stands in the country. The Warawara was one of the areas where Kauri trees were tapped for gum. Whina Cooper referred to the Warawara in on of her speeches as “Te waima o te iwi o te Rarawa.” “The living spiritual being of the te Rarawa people.”


Walking Trails: The forest is easily accessible via two main trails. One though the Golden Stairs from Pawarenga south to the headlands of Whangape Harbour. The other is a 20 km track from Mitimiti through the Warawara to Pawarenga. You will experience flora and fauna and the natural beauty of the untouched land. You could either walk the track or take a guided horse trek.